We are offering local retailers in North Central Brooklyn the opportunity to have their organic resources (we prefer not to use the term “waste”) collected on a six-day a week basis by a bike carter and converted locally into compost.  This compost will be made available either by sale or donation to local gardeners, nurserymen or landscapers. BKgreencart is registered with the Business Integrity Commission (BIC), the city agency that regulates private carters, as a licensed micro-carter.  BIC can be reached here on the web or by calling 212-437-0500.  We do NOT collect regular trash or recyclables such as metal, plastic, glass or paper.

As part of our collection service, we expects to be licensed soon by BIC as a waste broker.  As such we will provide waste audits for our customers to determine both the amounts and types of resources they generate.  Based on our waste audit, we will provide an estimate of what BKgreencart will charge to collect your organics.