Our vision and what it means to North Central Brooklyn

BK Green Cart is so excited to bring this new service to North Central Brooklyn!  We feel it offers local restaurants, juice bars, coffee shops and other small generators of food scraps a great new way to handle the resources you generate.  We are dedicated believers in re-localizing our resource stream – keep what we generate in our community and to ask other generators to do the same.  We have ambitious plans to turn the food scraps you generate into compost for community gardens, landscapers, homeowners and producers of local food.   Can you imagine eating a salad made from salad greens grown right here in North Central Brooklyn from your food scraps?   How about an omelette made from eggs laid by chickens fed your food scraps?   Even locally raised fish fed a mixture of composted food scraps?   Not only do we believe this is possible, we’re on the way to make it a reality.  Watch this blog for more updates as our visions unfold!

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