BKgreencart Announces Information Session with Microhaulers

Hunky Dory meets BKgreencart

On Monday July 22nd from 5-7 PM, Hunky Dory Restaurant will host an information session about microhauling.  In addition to BKgreencart, other microhaulers present will be Roho Compost, BKRot, and Vokashi.   Ecorich will also  be present to talk about its innovative composting machines .

Come visit this exciting new restaurant to find out how you can help make Brooklyn a greener, more environmentally friendly place.  Meet microhaulers serving Brooklyn neighborhoods, support neighborhood composting and learn how you can help divert resources from landfills to our communities.

Hunky Dory is located at 747 Franklin Avenue near Sterling Place in the diverse community of Crown Heights Brooklyn.  A wide selection of drinks at happy hour prices will be available.

Since July 12th, BKgreencart has been microhauling food scraps for Hunky Dory Restaurant.  Food scraps are being composted at the Imani Garden, located at 1680 Pacific Street in Weeksville.   Starting soon Imani will be feeding Hunky Dory’s food scraps to its 30 chickens,  to both supplement their diet and reduce feed costs for Imani.

If you know of a restaurant in North Central Brooklyn that would like to consider our services, please have them send us an email  at [email protected] or call 718-496-5139.  Services and pricing available upon request.

Hope to see you there!

Greg Todd


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