BKgreencart is a new type of business which orients itself to the new triple bottom line: earth care, people care and fair share (share the surplus).  Some of you may recognize this as the ethics of permaculture. Indeed one of the founders is a permaculture enthusiast and designed the business model for BKgreencart as the final project for a permaculture design course taught by Andrew Faust in 2012.   We intend to provide primarily the community of North Central Brooklyn with a service that will not only provide a return on our investment but also create and expand our community in ways that build social capital and make the planet a more sustainable place to live.   We have dedicated BKgreencart to our future, that of our community and that of our biosphere.


BKgreencart was founded by Greg Todd and Frederick Phillips in 2018 to provide a much needed service to service to retailers in North Central Brooklyn: a bike carting and composting service.  As we know, the effects of climate change are no longer disputable and increasingly dire. By offering a carting service that replaces large 20,000 plus pound packer trucks with small bike carts, we are providing local retailers an opportunity to decrease their carbon footprint while also decreasing congestion on local streets and adding to the amount of compost available in their communities.