BK Green Cart is creating an affordable way to dispose of organic wastes that will appeal to their customers who are concerned that the materials be handled in a “green” manner. Currently commercial retail generates a lot of organic waste, eg. coffee shops, juice bars, vegan restaurants, green grocers. We will pick up organic wastes with a bike cart which will weigh around 200 pounds and be powered by an electric motor and human bike operator. Hence lower carbon footprint and lower overhead, making our product inherently more efficient for small loads.


BKgreencart is a new type of business which orients itself to the new triple bottom line: earth care, people care and fair share (share the surplus).  Some of you may recognize this as the ethics of permaculture. Indeed one of the founders is a permaculture enthusiast and designed the business model for BKgreencart as the final project for a permaculture design course taught by Andrew Faust in 2012.   We intend to provide primarily the community of North Central Brooklyn with a service that will not only provide a return on our investment but also create and expand our community in ways that build social capital and make the planet a more sustainable place to live.   We have dedicated BKgreencart to our future, that of our community and that of our biosphere.


BKgreencart was founded by Greg Todd and Frederick Phillips in 2018 to provide a much needed service to service to retailers in North Central Brooklyn: a bike carting and composting service.  As we know, the effects of climate change are no longer disputable and increasingly dire. By offering a carting service that replaces large 20,000 plus pound packer trucks with small bike carts, we are providing local retailers an opportunity to decrease their carbon footprint while also decreasing congestion on local streets and adding to the amount of compost available in their communities.  


We are offering local retailers in North Central Brooklyn the opportunity to have their organic resources (we prefer not to use the term “waste”) collected on a six-day a week basis by a bike carter and converted locally into compost.  This compost will be made available either by sale or donation to local gardeners, nurserymen or landscapers. BKgreencart is registered with the Business Integrity Commission (BIC), the city agency that regulates private carters, as a licensed micro-carter.  BIC can be reached here on the web or by calling 212-437-0500.  We do NOT collect regular trash or recyclables such as metal, plastic, glass or paper.

As part of our collection service, we expects to be licensed soon by BIC as a waste broker.  As such we will provide waste audits for our customers to determine both the amounts and types of resources they generate.  Based on our waste audit, we will provide an estimate of what BKgreencart will charge to collect your organics.


Greg Todd

BK GreenCart was founded by Greg Todd, a local real estate developer and community garden facilitator. 

He is developing a property at 85 Schenectady Avenue which will follow closely the protocols for a Passive House and is facilitator of the Imani Community Garden.

Greg resides in Crown Heights where he and his wife Nellie raised two sons.

Frederick Phillips  

Frederick Phillips who was certified as a Master Composter by Brooklyn Botanic Garden as part of the Class of 2000. Since then, his work in composting has traversed multiple organizations, most recently as Composting Counselor with East New York Farms.

He is a vegan whose interests and endeavors include entrepreneurship, health education, tennis and climate change resistance.

Frederick is Barbados-born but has resided in New York City most of his life.


BKgreencart may be reached by telephone 718-496-5139 or complete our contact form.

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